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May. 4th, 2011 11:04 pm
My, but it's been a while since I updated this journal (or, indeed, looked at it – I fell behind over New Year and never quite caught back up, so sorry if I've missed anything important!). I did start 2010 with the intention to be better at updating LJ, but somehow that never quite happened and now we're suddenly halfway through 2011. I'll put a full update up on here soon, but in the meantime....

A Brief Non-Party Political Broadcast )
Say yes to Fairer Votes tomorrow! :D
Just donated £50 (plus Gift Aid) to the Disasters Emergency Committee Haiti Earthquake Appeal – there's a lot of people in need of a lot of help out there right now. For those of a fannish bent who might not have seen it yet, the [ profile] help_haiti comm is running auctions to help raise money for the various charitable organisations that are involved in the relief effort – you bid on pieces of fic or art or other contributions but any monies are sent directly to the aid organisations. In the interests of getting it there ASAP (and because *cough* I've still not delivered on the larger fic that I put up in the last auction I got involved in!), I'm offering drabbles at a fixed $5 a go or ficlets at $20... though, obviously, higher donations would be lovely. My thread is here if anyone is interested. Be sure to check out the rest of the items on offer as well – there's some good stuff there that could be yours for a small donation to a good cause. :)

In other news.... )

Please come and support a good cause and get some fic out of it! :D

To see all of the DW/TW auction participants, see here.

And to see my auction thread, see here or click on the banner above!
Perhaps foolishly, I've signed up to participate in an Author Auction next weekend:

So, if anybody wants to get me to write something for them, subject to certain restrictions, this is your chance! My offer is:
    Offer: One 2,500 word min. fic in Torchwood
    Restrictions: Any rating. Gen by preference, but can write slash, femmeslash and het; kink is fine. Nothing that relies too heavily on Ianto as a character as I have no 'voice' for him, so no Ianto pairings or Ianto as central/viewpoint character. No Tosh/Owen. Can write Martha and Mickey, but no other DW-crossover characters, please. No AUs, RPF (though historical is okay), fandom crossovers, mpreg, character-bashing, songfic, self-harm, abusive pasts, excessive moping, etc.
    Additional Details: Can write drama, action-adventure, humour, friendship, smut, introspection, historical, combinations of the above; not much good with romance or relationship fics! Can go gentle or dark but not pure angst. Happy to write OCs and minor characters. Prefer to stick with canon as much as possible when writing within the period(s) defined by the series. I usually write Jack-centric fic, but can write for any of the characters with the exception of Ianto. Posting rights to remain with the author, please!
    Special Offer: 1) One drabble (100 words – I'm a purist!) for every bid increase of $10 or more above $50.
    2) Will write a ficlet (approx. 1000 words) for the second-placed bidder if they donate their final bid amount to the auction.
Go on, don't make me look like a Johnny-No-Mates.... ;)

The auction is to help contribute to the medical expenses of Stacie Holeman, an American fan writer with breast and ovarian cancer. Those of you who know my family history will appreciate why I'm getting involved here. It's tales like this that make me incredibly grateful for the existence of the NHS - this is thankfully the sort of horror story I wouldn't have to worry about, financially, at least (medically is a whole other matter, of course).

If there are any other authors out there who might like to get involved in this, the sign-ups are still open until the 8th September. As it stands, DW/TW authors are outnumbered by the Twilight crowd, so if anybody wants to join and help defend the fandom's honour against a bunch of sparkly vampires, that would be great! If nothing else, we can at least hope to raise more money than the glittery bloodsuckers! ;) There is an LJ comm, [ profile] dwsupportstacie, for DW/TW writers who want to get involved.

For more information on the auction, see here.

For more information on Stacie, see here or here.

To see all of the DW/TW auction participants, see here.

And to see my auction thread, see here or click on the banner above. :D The auction starts next Friday, 11th September, at 11:59pm CDT (about 6am on Saturday 12th in the UK), and runs until 8pm CDT on Monday 14th (about 2am on Tuesday 15th).

Bid early, bid often! ;)



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