Yes, I am still alive! 2010 has proved a busy year in many ways and I'm waaaay behind on my writing. Hopefully I'll catch up soon – I have so many things that are nearly done.... In the meantime, though:

This isn't a new fandom or a new piece of writing – in fact, it was first posted 10 years ago today, which is why it's getting dusted off and dumped on my journal now (for the record, it'll be the only fic that gets this treatment). Of everything I've written, this is probably the single piece that has received the most attention over the years and I still get fairly regular feedback for it on, where opinion seems divided between those who love it and those who want me burned at the stake! I'm still fairly pleased with it, though – it was intended to explore a concept and be thought-provoking, and it seems to have succeeded in that.

I almost re-posted this after Children of Earth aired – those of you who've read it before will know why!

Title: Small Sacrifices
Author: Aeshna
Fandom: Star Wars
Rating: PG-13, gen
Warnings: character death
Word Count: 4,801
Disclaimer: not mine. Everything here belongs to George Lucas.
Summary: Some promises are better off broken....
Notes: Some ideas seem to be universally seen as a Bad Thing by the Jedi, regardless of potential cost. This is a quick look at what might happen if the Jedi Council were a little less squeamish about certain things....

Thanks to [ profile] diamona for her wondrous beta, which ensured that the finished fic is a lot more angsty than the first draft was. Also thanks to [ profile] clare_nce and [ profile] resqdog51 for offering support and helpful suggestions along the way. It wouldn't be the same without you guys!

Small Sacrifices )



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