May. 6th, 2008 01:07 pm
Yes, that's my boat in the news, in her money-earning disguise as the gaudily-dressed Mona Lisa (the Oceanic II evidently has more style). Honestly, she survives 8 months of university students and random entomologists, then they give her a paint job and let a bunch of elderly tourists on board and this happens.... ;)
National Express now has free (for the moment) wifi on its coaches. Wifi that works, even! So I guess this counts as my first mobile post. En route to Cambridge for Recombination - we've just spent about half an hour negotiating our way along the Thames Embankment (have just passed the Tower) and it's glorious out there. Hopefully Cambridge will be just as sunny and the Cam just as sparkly as the Thames seems to be managing right now.

It's actually quite strange not being in work - this is the first day off I've taken on my current contract. On the other hand, I was in the lab until 10:30pm last night, so I'm not sure that it really counts....

(I could bore you all with a "what I can see out of the window" session here, but I think I'll be good and just say that Stratford is looking a lot more monied than it was back in my student days - very odd seeing the flashy new flats alongside the old council blocks, but I guess the London Olympics have to be good for something!)



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