Jan. 6th, 2010 12:14 am
Which is no doubt nothing to be happy about for many on my flist, but we see it so very rarely here in central London that it's something to get excited about! We're meant to be getting quite a bit more overnight, but here's Hoxton-in-the-snow as of about 2330 this evening....

Cut for the sake of those who will scream if they so much as see another snowflake.... )

Going to be interesting seeing how the Tube copes with it, but hopefully they'll be running tomorrow as work should be rather scenic if it carries on like this! :D
Getting ready to go out the door this morning at about 10:15, I happened to glance out of the living room window. To see the chap who lives in the top corner flat opposite (the building is at a right angle to ours, with the balcony past the front doors at about the same level as us) standing outside his door with a round, white plastic cage-style laundry basket upside-down on his head like a large helmet. As I watched, he put his arms up like a bad sci-fi robot and walked stiff-legged along the balcony to the other end, where he stopped at his neighbour's front door, turned, acted out trying to shake the security gate off its hinges (or possibly being electrocuted by same - it was hard to tell) for about 10 seconds, turned again, moved on - still in robot mode - to the next door, did the same, then clomped back to his own open door and disappeared inside. All with the laundry basket over his head.

I have no idea what that was in aid of - nobody seemed to be in either of the other flats and I suspect I was his only audience (and he didn't see me), but it absolutely made my morning! Wish I'd had the camera handy - it would have been a smash on YouTube.... :D
There has, of late, been a fair amount of fannish wailing and rending of garments over certain developments in Torchwood: Children of Earth, protests that certain things Should Not Be Done on TV shows where people might have some sort of emotional investment in the characters. Things that, frankly, I have absolutely no problem with whatsoever! But then I thought that, actually, that might have something to do with my early exposure to genre shows, back in the days when spoilers meant reading the Radio Times (which we didn't get). I can remember being upset when Adric died (hey, I was 11!), and then there was the great and glorious (see previous age disclaimer) Blake's 7....

So, here's a fun game! Imagine, if you will, that the same level of fannish entitlement computer and internet access existed back in the days when B7 was first airing. What online reactions and campaigns could we expect to see to each character death? Each replacement character? The destruction of familiar sets? Separations? Solo stories? Random blondes? Never mind the way it all ended! I'll admit to having only hazy memories of much of it, but I know there are folks out there who are much more familiar with it than I am.

Thoughts, rants, wails, rended garments (any of which may, or may not, bear a passing resemblance to certain more recent fannish storms), etc in comments, please. Go on, you know you want to. ;)

(Please feel free to pass on.... :))
~ Happy Birthday [ profile] mingmerciless
& [ profile] jwaneeta!!! ~

Have a great day, guys!
This is for [ profile] jwaneeta, who will understand. You kinda had to be there.... ;)

Happy Birthday [ profile] orca_girl!!!

Have a great day and remember: life begins now.... ;)
I got a package from [ profile] mimarie yesterday, containing a cry for help (she'd been stranded in the family-infested, internet-free wilds for a week), a CD, and a rather cute kiddie's board book. Which appeared to have been ever-so-slightly adulterated with the aid of a few carefully placed post-it notes:

"That's not my bunny. Its paws are too rough.

That's not my bunny. Its tail characterisation is too woolly.

That's not my bunny. Its eyes aspirations are too shiny.

That's not my bunny. Its nose is too wrinkled It's entirely too cute and fluffy.

THAT'S my bunny! His ears are so soft. He's a vicious little bastard and he's bringing his friends...."

Hmm, you'd never guess that she was my beta-reader, would you? Not that her bunnies are any less delinquent, mind.... ;)

Thanks, Mim - I laughed myself sick over that one (and welcome back to civilisation, btw)! :D
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